Cryptocurrency Betting Guide [2020]

Best suited crypto sports betting sites and casinos for Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Stablecoins, and more altcoins

Cryptocurrency Betting leverages Bitcoin Sportsbook and Casino advantages.

Of course, all Cryptos benefit worldwide access, higher bonuses/promotions, and limitless transaction amounts.

On top of that, choosing the right cryptocurrency can provide lower fees, faster transfer as well as reducing or increasing your exposure to Crypto Market volatility.

Crypto Betting will improve the advantages you’re looking for. Let’s see how!

Cryptocurrency Betting with Ethereum, XRP, Stablecoin, and more Altcoins

left-quote If the cryptocurrency market overall or a digital asset is solving a problem, it’s going to drive some value. right-quote

The Best Cryptocurrency Betting Site for most punters


I encourage newcomers to Crypto Betting to read our full article. However, advanced crypto folks familiar with cryptocurrency features might go faster. Indeed, is one of the best Cryptocurrency Betting Site. It checks most of the boxes in the Sportsbook and Casino area. Stake is a must-try for Crypto Bettors.

First, it has a great reputation and its crypto bettors’ feedback is excellent. To illustrate, our Stake review provides links to its Trustpilot rating stars and its official thread on BitcoinTalk Forum. Both show how players appreciate Stake.

Secondly, it leverages a large majority of Crypto Betting Advantage since users can hold balances in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP (Ripple), Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Tron, and Dogecoin there. In addition, Stake supports deposits through most Altcoins and Credit Cards.

Finally, Stake provides a great VIP program and exciting promotions for both sports punters and casino players.

Excellent reputation

Crypto and Credit Card 

Sportsbook and Casino

Excellent reputation

Crypto and Credit Card 

Sportsbook and Casino

Balances on Cryptocurrency Betting sites

First, we divide Crypto Betting Sites into two categories, regarding if they hold balances in local currencies (like US dollars) or Cryptocurrencies.

Local currency Balances

Bet on Betonline  with a Local Currency Balance

On the one side, those who hold players’ balance in Fiat Money.

Either you deposit with Credit Card, Bank Transfer, or Cryptocurrencies, your money is directly converted in USD (dollars). Of course, placing bets as well as receiving winning is made in USD.

I recommend playing on such sites if:

  • You want to reduce your exposure to Cryptocurrencies volatility


  • You are willing to place your bets in local currencies (USD, Euro, etc.)

However, at the withdrawal time, you can choose to receive the money in cryptocurrency.
And it is a piece of cake. To explain, you just have to enter your withdrawal amount and your cryptocurrency address. They will do the conversion and send your cryptos!


To illustrate, here are the Cryptocurrency Betting Sites to play with a USD balance  (US dollars):

Cryptocurrency Balances


On the other side, some Crypto Betting Sites keep players’ funds in Cryptocurrencies.

It means that you have one balance per cryptocurrency. Then, you can switch from one crypto to another when you place a bet. The Cryptocurrency Betting site credits winnings to the balance used for the bet.

I prefer these sites because I see my Cryptocurrencies as a good investment. So, I want to maximize my exposure to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins fluctuations. (This is my opinion, it is not financial advice) has a Cryptocurrency Balance

To hold balances in Cryptocurrencies, I recommend the following sites:,, or

Finally, holds balances in both Cryptocurrencies and Local Currencies. It is a great site if you want both worlds at once!

Cryptocurrency Betting Advantages


When you choose the right crypto, you increase Crypto Sportsbook Advantages (and reduce disadvantages).

Of course, the following advantages are site-dependent, but apply to any crypto:



Play without providing your identity, credit card, or bank number

Worldwide acces


Cryptocurrency Betting available anywhere

icon Bonus

Bigger Bonus

Best bonuses of the market for Crypto Bettors

Higher limits

Deposit and withdraw without limits

In contrast, transfer swiftness and fees vary with Cryptos. At the same time, the volatility dramatically changes depending on the cryptocurrencies you use.

Factors to consider when choosing the best cryptocurrency for Betting


When it comes to Cryptocurrency Betting, I want to remind you of two important things.


Do not gamble with money that you can’t afford to lose

First, don’t gamble with money that you can’t afford to lose. It is the fundamental rule of gambling, and it is obviously true with Cryptocurrency Betting.

Secondly, I encourage you to implement a Crypto Betting Strategy according to your Investment Plan.

Of course, if you come to Cryptocurrency Betting only for its advantages, there are many ways to limit your exposure to crypto’s volatility.

We already saw the first way, using the Cryptocurrency Betting Sites that hold balances in local currencies.

Besides, Stablecoin Betting minimizes your exposure to cryptocurrencies. Indeed, Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies backed on USD. To illustrate, 1 Tether keeps worth 1 USD.

Stablecoin Betting with Tether is available on: 

That being said, I think that most Crypto Bettors are cryptocurrencies believers and blockchain enthusiasts. So, we must have a Crypto Betting Strategy that protects our cryptocurrency investments.

Personally, I already hold cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ChainLink. When I need to deposit on Crypto Betting Site, I buy new coins with a fiat currency. It is a way to increase my crypto holdings progressively since I keep some balances and my winnings in Cryptos.

Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy

Of course, it is fine to use your crypto holdings to make deposits. Especially if you want to gamble with a part of your profits. Otherwise, you have to implement a Cryptocurrency Betting Strategy that protects your crypto investments.

Lower fees


Cryptocurrencies have very low fees. Indeed, you can transfer millions with Ethereum for less than a $5 fee.
However, a $5 or even a $1 fee is a significant amount when you make a $20 deposit.

Bitcoin used to have the biggest fees, while Ethereum smart contracts usage keeps ETH fees higher than other cryptocurrencies.

Save Deposit and Withdraw Fees

For this reason, if you are about to make small to medium deposits, altcoins are a wise choice.
Above all, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, and Dogecoin have transaction fees lower than $0.03.

In particular, Ripple (XRP) fees are lower than $0.002.

Finally, some sites like Betonline which only accept Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash and hold balances in USD. I’m used to buying Bitcoin Cash to deposit there, while I withdraw with Bitcoin. So, I save fees and receive my winnings with my favorite coin!

Faster transactions


Cryptocurrencies provide fast transactions.

However, Crypto Betting Sites wait for a predefined number of confirmations before crediting your balance. One confirmation is one block added to the blockchain.

So, depending on the cryptocurrency block time and confirmations required, some deposits are faster than others.

To illustrate, here is an estimation of deposit times on based on average crypto block times and the number of confirmations required.

Crypto Betting Deposit Time on

As you can see, EOS, Tron, and Ripple Betting are the fastest way to deposit (less than a minute).

Ethereum Betting has a deposit time of around 3 minutes there.

For Litecoin Betting and Dogecoin Betting, you can expect between 5 and 15 minutes for deposit times.

Cryptocurrency Betting Offering


Let’s explorer the main cryptocurrencies allowing Crypto Betting.

If you need to get on of these, our guide shows how to buy these Cryptocurrencies in a couple of minutes.


Ethereum Betting

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency market capitalization, behind Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency generated by the Ethereum platform is Ether.

This blockchain went live in 2015 and can execute smart contracts. To keep it simple, it allows running decentralized applications.
For this reason, many cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects, including decentralized finance (DeFi), rely on the Ethereum platform.

Ethereum average block time is lower than 20 seconds. Its transaction fee is currently about $2.5.

Ethereum Betting is very popular. To illustrate, many Dapps, which are applications running on the ETH platform, allow gambling.

When it comes to Ethereum Sports Betting, most sites welcome Ethereum Punters.
Read the  reviews of my favorite ones:

Best sites for Ethereum Betting on sports or casino:

Ethereum Betting on (accepts all players except from USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine)
Ethereum Betting on (accepts player from US, and All over the world except France, UK, and Australia)
Ethereum Betting on (accepts Players from all around the world)
Ethereum Betting on (accepts all players except from US, UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore)
Ethereum Betting on (accepts Players from all around the world)
Ethereum Betting on (accepts player from All over the world except USA, UK, and Australia)