USA Bitcoin Sportsbook Sites [August 2021]

What Are The Best US-friendly Bitcoin Sportsbook Sites?

Last update: December 15, 2024

Top 3 USA Bitcoin Sportsbooks

sort by Age, Bonus, Popularity

sort by Bonus, Popularity, Age

sort by Popularity, Bonus, Age

Bookmaker Sportsbook

Bonus 100%
up to $300

T & C Apply

Bonus 75% Match
up to $750

T & C Apply

Bonus 100%
up to $1,000

T & C Apply
Betonline Welcome Bonus up to $1,000 with Bitcoin

since 2003

licensed in Curacao

Bodog Welcome Bonus up to $1,200 in Bitcoin

since 1994

licensed in Curacao

Cloudbet Welcome Bonus up to 5 BTC

since 2013

licensed in Curacao

FortuneJack Welcome Bonus up to 1.5 BTC

Bonus 110%
up to 1.5BTC

250 Free Spins

T & C Apply
Cloudbet Welcome Bonus up to 5 Bitcoins

Bonus 100% up to 5BTC

T & C Apply
Betcoin Welcome Bonus up to 1 BTC

Bonus 100%
up to $1BTC

+ 10 Free Spins

T & C Apply

sort by Age, Bonus, Popularity

sort by Bonus, Popularity, Age

sort by Popularity, Bonus, Age

USA Bitcoin Sports Betting Growth

Sports Betting is growing fast in the gambling industry. It is a fun, exciting, and social way to gamble with friends and family while watching games.

Executives from MGM Resorts, Hard Rock, and Mohegan predicted around $8 billion in revenue by 2025 for sports betting business in the U.S.

In the same manner, more and more people get used to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. Both combine, it provides anyone a fast, secure, and anonymous way to place wagers.

For that reason, along with the Best USA Bitcoin Sportsbook, more and more Crypto Sports Betting Sites arise.


Offshore Online Gambling Sites are not based in the USA. Unlike most US-based casino, they don’t need a state license to operate. So, their geographical restrictions come from their jurisdiction laws.

However, there is an exception. It includes States that have passed a law to restrict online gambling regardless of where the casino or sportsbook is based.

Besides, federal and most state laws put restrictions on the online Casino and Sportsbook, not on the players. In other words, if you place an online wager on sports, you shouldn’t get into any legal trouble.


Since Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are legal in the USA, Bitcoin Sportsbook Sites in the USA work the same way as other Gambling Sites. For that reason, many Crypto Sports Betting Sites are US players friendly.

Betonline and Bovada are Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites accepting players from USA.



First, Bitcoin is a libertarian initiative. It is made to give people control over their money and to prevent restrictions of any kind. Most Crypto Sportsbook Sites embrace this philosophy.

Since we are experts on Cryptocurrencies and Sports Betting, I have to inform you of a way to play on most Bitcoin Sportsbook Sites from the United States (regardless of whether they accept US player or not).
That being said, using it to bypass jurisdiction restrictions is YOUR responsibility.

Bitcoin was made to bring freedom, so it does for Online Sports Betting in the USA.
Bitcoin addresses are pseudonymous. Compared to a bank account, your Bitcoin Address does not provide information on your identity or your localization.

Also, many Bitcoin Sportsbook sites respect customer’s privacy so much that they won’t ask for your identity when you register and play. An email address and the legal age to play are more than enough.

Their only way to check geographic restrictions is to check your IP address. An IP address is an internet address used by your device to access the internet. It contains location details used by websites.

As a result, VPNs allow playing on these Bitcoin Sportsbooks from the USA (or anywhere).
A VPN is a secured virtual private network. Among other things, it provides online anonymity by hiding your true location. There are a lot of VPN providers available that you can use to get an IP address from any country.

So, once you have a VPN, you can register, deposit, play, and withdraw on any anonymous Bitcoin Sportsbook non-US-friendly. All you have to do is to connect through a welcome country.
Of course, the only exception is when a gambling site prohibits playing with a VPN.


If you use a VPN, you can play from the USA on the following Anonymous Bitcoin Sportsbooks: Cloudbet, OneHash, and Stake.

Why bet on USA Bitcoin Sportsbooks? (using BTC or Cryptocurrencies)


Bitcoin, alongside other cryptocurrencies, is a fast, secure, and anonymous medium of payment.
Let’s see what advantages you get to bet on sports with BTC, Ethereum, or Litecoin. Conversely, I’ll present a few disadvantages of Cryptos over fiat currency.

Bitcoin Sportsbook Advantages

1/ Fast Deposit and Withdrawal

On the Bitcoin blockchain, the average block time is 10 minutes. It means that in 10 minutes, transfer to a Bitcoin Gambling site will be confirmed. That’s the same duration for any amount.
Besides, other cryptocurrencies offer faster transactions. For example, Ethereum confirmation time is less than a minute. So, you can instantly send what to wager on a game and get your bet settled. Don’t ever miss a sports bet again.


2/ Anonymity

Bitcoin Sportsbooks provide Anonymous Play

Bitcoin addresses are anonymous. In other words, your banker or your jurisdiction won’t know how much you win or lose. It can save you taxes on your winnings. Surely, you’d better keep your gambling habits private.

In addition, great Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites allows anonymous play. To them, your email, a bitcoin address, and your word that you’re over the legal age to play are enough. Namely, play undercover at Cloudbet, OneHash, and Stake.

3/ Accessibility

Cryptocurrencies are used and accepted everywhere. Consequently, Bitcoin gambling Sites erase currency and geographic limitations.

Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites are accessible everywhere

Use a VPN to access your favorite sites from anywhere. So, you can keep playing, either you’re at home or travelling. Get Windscribe for free.

4/ Bonus, Promotions, and Odds

Processing deposits and withdrawals through Cryptocurrency transactions save fees for both Bitcoin Sportsbooks and Players. That’s the reason why Crypto Sports Betting Sites are getting very competitive.
To illustrate, Promotions and Odds are among the most attractive of the market. That’s especially true for Bitcoin-only Sportsbooks.
In addition, you always get bigger bonuses for deposits made in cryptocurrencies rather than fiat money.

5/ Low Fees

Average Fee on Litecoin network is $0.01

Cryptocurrencies transaction fees are very low, regardless of how much you transfer. Plus, Bitcoin doesn’t set limitations per transaction or period (credit card does). 

6/ Higher Limits

Cryptocurrencies allow limitless transactions. In other words, you can deposit as much as and as many times as you want. The same goes for withdrawals.


Crypto Sportsbook Disadvantages


1/ Lake of regulation of Bitcoin Sports Betting


At first, Bitcoin is a libertarian technology that lets people take control of their money. Many Bitcoin Sportsbook sites embrace this spirit. As a result, some of them provide casinos and sports betting games regardless of what local laws say.
Of course, I respect this libertarian point of view, but players should know where they’re playing at. I indicate inside sites’ reviews ‘information’ section what is the Site Gamble License. In addition, I list restricted countries given by the sites.
Finally, note that a site may accept a player from your country, but not hold the right license to operate there. While you will be able to play on such a site, it could have lower standards than your jurisdiction requires. To illustrate, the players’ protection could be lighter.

2/ Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies volatility


Bitcoin’s price fluctuates a lot.
While it may be true that Bitcoin is an investment asset, don’t invest money that you can’t afford to lose.
At the same time, Best Bitcoin Sportsbook Sites let you deposit and play with stable coins. A Stablecoin is a cryptocurrency where coins are pledged on fiat currency (usually US dollars). Indeed, regardless of what Bitcoin does, stable coins keep the same value than USD.

Bitcoin Trading Graph

When it comes to stable coins betting, Cloudbet is the best crypto sportsbook. It lets you Bet on Sports with Tether (USDT).
In addition, Betonline, Bovada, and SportsBetting hold balances in USD. So, you get cryptocurrencies’ advantages for deposits and withdrawals as well as the USD stability. Besides, you can use traditional mediums of payment there (as credit card and wire transfer).

How to choose a Bitcoin Sports Betting Site?

Each player has specifics that make a Bitcoin Sportsbook better for him.
I do my best to provide maximum information on the game offers.
So, you can pick the right place for you. Really, I do strict research before listing a crypto sportsbook.

Bitcoin Sportsbook Sites Security Audit

Reputation and Trust

First, I check the Site’s reputation.

What is its history? Does it have complaints? What do users say about it?

I do my research, and I look for any red flag. Class action sites, Forum, Comments on review sites are the place I begin with. Regarding my experience, I learned to distinguish whines and bitterness from legitimate complaints.

Bitcoin Sportsbook Evaluation

Then, I try the reviewed Bitcoin Sportsbook by myself. I always do the following:

Bitcoin Sportsbook providing Best User Experience
icon Best

Register: Record details needed

icon Best

Deposit crypto: with Bitcoin first, then with Ethereum or Litecoin depending on the crypto sportsbook. Note how swift my balance is credited.

icon Best

Sports Betting: I place a bet on major Sports, try multiple types of bet.

icon Best

Contact the support: I make sure they are reactive and friendly.

icon Best

Bonus and Promotion: I verify that promised rewards are available.

icon Best

Withdraw: the Bitcoin Sports Betting Site must provide easy and quick withdrawals.

In other words, I know very well the sites I review.

If you have any questions unanswered, contact me. I’ll respond as soon as possible.

In addition, Bitcoin Sportsbooks use to come up to us with exclusive offers. Indeed, you can benefit exclusive promotions when Welcome Bonuses doesn’t suit you. Tell us what you’re looking for, we will send you the best current promotions for your needs. 

Start Sports Betting with Bitcoin

While betting on USA Bitcoin Sportsbook is a breeze, you may need to get Bitcoin first.

Our 10 minutes guide will help you.

But, for those who want to understand how Bitcoin works, let’s see the basics.

First, I’ll present to you on how to secure Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies.

Then, I explain how to purchase your first cryptos.

Ledger Hardware Wallet for Bitcoin Ethereum, and major Cryptos

Crypto Wallet

The very first thing that you need to get started with Bitcoin or crypto is a wallet. The wallet is the place where you keep your coins safe.

Of course, crypto-experts will choose the best wallet for their use. But, if you are a newcomer, let me suggest two very secure and easy ways to set up your own wallet. Specifically, these wallets do not require technical skills and can secure major cryptocurrencies (BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more).

    • Coinbase : it is not only a trustworthy exchange but also a secure crypto wallet. It is a safe way to begin. Similarly to another online account, you can recover your password if you lose it.


    • Ledger : It is the most secure way to hold Bitcoin and crypto. Indeed, you don’t rely on any third-party provider and your coins get secured by a hardware device. Besides, it comes with the Ledger Live App which is a breath to start with.

    Cryptocurrency Exchange: Purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin

    There are more and more ways to buy cryptos.
    At the same time, I foster you to purchase your cryptocurrencies on well-known exchanges. Namely, Coinbase and Kraken have solid reputations. Once your order gets filled, transfer your coin to your wallet. That’s the best way to secure and hold your Bitcoins and Cryptos. For those who want to buy a significant amount of cryptocurrencies in the long run, Exchanges are the way to go. There, you will get the best rates for lower fees.

    That being said, some Bitcoin Sports Betting sites provide convenient ways to start gambling with Cryptos.

    Especially, Cloudbet,, and let your directly buy Bitcoin from your player account.

    Cloudbet and Stake: through (1% for Bank transfer and 4.5% for Credit/Debit Cars)

    Play on a USA Bitcoin Sportsbook

    US Crypto Sportsbooks open up a lot of betting opportunities.
    Obviously, they allow betting with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Tron, Eos, Monero, Tether, and More cryptocurrencies.

    More importantly, USA Bitcoin Sportsbook Sites provide bets not only on Sports but also on eSports, Politics, Entertainment, and Horse Racing. Both are available on future and live events!

    For each category, I give my favorite Bitcoin Sportsbooks.

    Sports Betting on Bitcoin Sportsbooks



    USA Bitcoin Sportsbooks let you gamble on any sport.
    To illustrate, you can bet on major sports like Basketball, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, and Tennis.

    Besides, most crypto sports betting sites let you bet on Aussie Rules, Badmington, Beach Volley, Boxing, Cycling, Cricket, Darts, Futsal, Golf, Handball, Ice Hockey, MMA, Motorsport, Pesapallo, Rugby, Snooker, Volley, Table Tennis, and Winter Sports as well.


    All of our Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites are very well suited to wager on these games.

    Since they target US-players, Betonline and Bovada are great for US Sports (Baseball, Hockey, and Football).

    That being said, I did ever seen NBA bets available on Stake and Cloudbet only.




    At the same time, eSports Betting on Crypto Sportsbook is getting more and more popular. You can wager on the following games:

    Call of Duty Counter-Strike, Dota2, FIFA, Legend of Legends, NBA2K, Overwatch, Rainbow Six, and Starcraft.

    Cloudbet, and Stake are the Best Bitcoin Sportsbook Sites to bet on eSports. They offer a wider game selection.

    eSports on Bitcoin Sportsbooks

    Live sports


    Betting on Live is a great way to dive deeper into games. For example, I’m more likely to bet on scorers once the game has begun. So, I use my phone to place the last wagers during the game.

    Thanks to great user interfaces, Bovada, FortuneJack, and Stake are excellent for Bitcoin Sports Betting on the Go!


    Politics and Entertainment (specials)


    Bitcoin Sportsbook Sites also provide Specials.
    Specials Bets target not only what occurs during a game but also non-sportive events.
    To illustrate, it is possible to bet on Entertainment as well as Political Elections.

    FortuneJack, and Cloudbet are the best Bitcoin Sportsbooks for Politics and Entertainment betting.
    When it comes to US politics and Entertainment, Betonline, Bovada, and Bodog are the Crypto Betting Sites offering the wider selection.


    Horse racing


    Of course, Bitcoin Sportsbooks let you wager on Horse racing.
    Betonline, and Bovada allow betting on American races.

    Bonus on US Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites

    Bitcoin Sportsbook Sites offer massive Welcome Bonuses

    Bitcoin Sportsbook Sites offer the best value for your money on the sports betting scene.
    Indeed, they provide the biggest and best bonuses in the market. Let’s see how a bonus work.

    What is a Sports Betting Bonus?


    A Sports Betting Bonus is a free amount of money credited to your player account under the site’s conditions. Most Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites offer huger Welcome Bonuses.

    They apply to your first deposit. Besides, the following deposits trigger Reload Bonuses.
    Bitcoin Sportsbooks offer bigger Bonuses of the market.


    Usually, your Bonus is released once you have reached a betting amount.


    USA Bitcoin Sportsbook FAQ


    At last, I want to answer Frequently Asked Question on Bitcoin and Sports Betting.


    Is Bitcoin Legal in the USA?

    According to the US Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, as of 2013, using Bitcoin to buy goods and services is not illegal. In the same manner, Bitcoin is a legal asset to invest in.


    How does a VPN work?

    Using a VPN is a piece of cake.
    It is a software that you can either run a startup or manually launch. Among a few features, you can select an IP location. Then, it will connect your device to a network that lets your location appear to be what you choose.


    Are BTC Deposits Anonymous?

    Yes. When depositing into a Bitcoin sportsbook, the blockchain registers a transaction from your Bitcoin address to one of your Bitcoin Sportsbook. So, addresses and the transaction amount stay public, but there is no information about the addresses’ owners available.


    Will I have to pay taxes on my winnings?

    Regardless of your country’s laws, you don’t have to pay tax on your winnings.
    That the point of using cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin, you have full control of your money. Only you and your Bitcoin Sportsbook know your winning on gambling.


    Can I get my Bitcoin back if I use the wrong address?

    No, you don’t!

    Always use copy-and-paste and double-check your address before sending cryptocurrencies. Further, be sure to use the same currency in your wallet and your player account.

    What if the price of Bitcoin changes? 

    Bitcoin is a volatile asset. Do not invest money that you can’t afford to lose.
    That being said, it goes both ways and most people think that it is more likely that Bitcoin price increases. However, you can reduce your exposure to Bitcoin by using stablecoins Cloudbet accounts support Tether (USDT) which is a cryptocurrency backed on USD.


    How do I place a Bitcoin bet?


    It is exactly the same as placing a betting with a Fiat currency.
    First, select your game on your Crypto Sportbook and click on the right bet.
    Then, it will appear in the Bet Slip. You can keep selecting bets if you want to combine them in a Parlay Bet.
    Finally, in the Bet Slip, enter the amount of your Single or Parlay bet and click on the place bet button.


    Bitcoin Sportsbook List


    US-players welcome

    Bonus 100% up to


    T & C Apply

    US-players welcome

    Bonus 100% up to


    T & C Apply

    Anonymous play


    VPN Play

    Bonus 110% up to

    1 BTC
    T & C Apply
    Icon Bitcoin

    Fully Anonymous


    VPN Play

    Bonus 100% up to


    Fully Anonymous


    VPN Play


    No string attached

    Fully Anonymous: register, deposit, play and withdraw with no identification required. 

    Anonymous play: it is possible to register, deposit, play, and withdraw anonymously. But, the site may proceed with KYC at any time to prevent fraudulent activity.

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