Mina Protocol Sale

Community Sale April 13-14 | Uncapped Sale April 16-18



The world lightest’s blockchain is live.

All you need to know about its protocol and how to get MINAs through community and public sales. 


The community has successfully been running the network for a week. As a result, the mainnet release candidate is now officially certified as Mina’s mainnet.

Mina is light

The entire chain is and always will be about 22kb

Privately interacts with any website

Anyone can use real-world data without ever compromising privacy

Zero knowledge proof

Users can prove facts without disclosing specifics

Thanks to delegate-mina-protocol.com, here is a great infographic that summarizes Mina’s advantages!

Mina Sales

For those who believe in Mina’s potential, it is possible to invest in Mina through Coinlist. Only 7.5% of the initial supply has not been distributed yet.