John Durand

John Durand

Hey, I am John. I have been playing poker for a living since 2013. 


I was born and grew up in Barcelona. My Father is from Los Angeles. He communicated to me his passion for the Clippers. So, I like Basketball, but football (soccer) and tennis are my passions.

Let me tell you my story. 


I played football when I was younger. Now that I have moved to Maroc, I practice only tennis, but I keep watching a lot of football.


At the same time, I am kind of a geek. From 2004 to 2007, when I was not doing sports, I was programming in Java. As a result, I became a well-educated software engineer and ended up working for a tourism company in 2008. 


Professional Gambler Career

In 2009, I started playing online poker. At first, I ran one sit and went at a time. After a couple of weeks, I was able to play four tables at a time. By the end of 2010, I was playing about 20 tables on two screens. Finally, I decided to make poker a full-time job, and I turned professional in 2011. 

For this reason, I did settle in Casablanca. I love this city, the weather, and the quality of life here. Besides, there are fewer restrictions on poker sites in Morocco than in Spain.

Texas Hold’em is my favorite variant. At some point, I did specialize in any formats. As I said, I started playing a ton of SnG. Then, I was lucky, and I won my first six digit tournament. It gave me enough money and time to study and improve my cash-game play. This format is more interesting and complex. Now, I play Cash-Game and some Tournament. Moreover, I play Jackpot (or Spin) as well; it helps me improve my game with shallow stacks.


I do not play a lot of live games because it is a little boring, playing only a table at a time. In contrast, I enjoy going to Las Vegas once a year. There, I love playing at Bellagio and The Wynn, they are my favorite places. 

A friend of mine convinced me that Bitcoin is a revolution. So, I bought my first crypto in 2014. Later, I kept investing in crypto. Bitcoin and Etherum became the most convenient for me to move money and withdraw my winnings. Indeed, more and more poker sites accept deposits and withdrawals with cryptos. 


I have been a regular sports punter too. In the same manner, cryptos have my preference when it comes to sports betting.

Sportsbook and Poker Expert

Expert for Bet1Coin

In brief, I will be your sports betting and poker expert on Bet1Coin. In particular, I will share my experience with bitcoin sportsbook and poker sites. On the side, I publish sports predictions when I place wagers that are worth sharing. 


Don’t hesitate to reach me out; I’d love to hear your opinion about my contents.

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